Eowave Filterbug - Real Analogue 24 dB Low-pass Stereo Filter


  • Gain
    controls the volume
  • LFO Speed
    controls the speed of the LFO
  • LFO Depth
    controls how much the LFO moves the filter
  • Env
    controls how the filter responds to the envelope of the input signal
  • Cut Off
    controls the filter's cut off frequency
  • Resonance
    controls the filter's resonance



FilterBugs are analog stereo 24 dB low-pass filters with the extraordinary capability to give a real analog feeling to any digital sounds from your synths, samplers or computers. Because they are real analog, they will always sound different and bring warmth and depth only analog technology can generate. They can also reach frequency ranges no digital technology will ever admit. Filterbugs ergonomy and design will provide you with simplicity and versatility. Just power & plug any audio sound source in the FilterBug's in, plug its out to your sound system. Play with the knobs to set its stridulation. FilterBugs have been designed for all. In a home-studio, they will definitely be a major part of a digital set. In a studio, they may be used with other bugs (ring modulator, delay, filtered sequencer) to create a unique analog effects set. For this special use, Bugs are 1/3 19'' each. FilterBugs are also great for live applications with their small size, their easy-to-use interface and their powerful unique sounds.

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Eowave Filter Bug stereo analog filter

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Eowave Filter Bug stereo analog filter envelope-controlled envelope follower amplitude controlled low frequency oscillator lfo-controlled desktop tabletop table top filter eq/excite/filter lowpass lopass lo-pass lp lpf low-pass filter
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