Enormous Door FX JINN Octave Fuzz


Enormous Door FX

If you fear one thing in your life, fear the JINN. This other-worldly Octave Fuzz is a powerful, masterful shape-shifter.

Choosing between LED, Germanium, or no clipping, the JINN disguises himself in the form of many different entities in order to keep his true motives hidden. Some of his motives are not in our best interests. Crank the sustain and kick the octave switch to invoke the awesome rage of this Dark Lord. Careful what you wish for...

  • Audiophile-grade caps and resistors carefully selected
  • 9 volt battery or 9-18 volt Boss type AC adapter
  • Premium hammer-tone finish
  • 2% silver solder
  • Solid-core copper wire
  • Thoroughly tested PCB circuit boards
  • True bypass foot switch

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