Enormous Door FX FOAD Distortion


Enormous Door FX

Classic distortion with amp-like realism.  Huge Rock/Metal rhythms and blazing solos.

With adjustable bias control, easily achieve the cranked sounds of your favorite tube-amps. Class A for smooth compression and responsive touch, singing with even-order harmonics. Class AB for more headroom and tighter bass response. This beast of a pedal drives the front end of most amps with jaw-dropping sonic magic and beautiful heavy distortion.  If you are a keeper of the faith, the FOAD allows you to worship at the altar of the Rock Gods.

  • Audiophile-grade caps and resistors carefully selected
  • 9 volt battery or 9-18 volt Boss type AC adapter
  • Premium hammer-tone finish
  • 2% silver solder
  • Solid-core copper wire
  • Thoroughly tested PCB circuit boards
  • True bypass foot switch

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