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Engl (Web Archive 2005)

A four-channel all-tube amp that you can tap dance on? You bet! This hybrid pedal/amp is based on the proven technology of the E 530 19" preamp. The ENGL Tube Toner delivers devastating tube tone and, with the help of an integrated midi control unit, you can use it in conjunction with midi FX devices. A midi program change message is sent when you switch channels. The five standard footswitches are enhanced with two switchable banks for a total of 10 midi program locations. In combination with the four channels and bypass, you have 10 totally different basic sound settings available at the touch of a button.

  • preamp: 4 channels, (2 x ECC 83) Clean, Crunch Soft Lead and Heavy Lead, 3-band EQ, Bright switch for Clean and Crunch, Preamp Defeat switch, Stereo FX loop;
  • per main channel: Gain and Volume controls (Clean/Crunch & Soft/Heavy Lead);
  • power amp: 2 x 1,5 Watts (solid state);
  • outputs: Amp Out, Stereo line Out and frequency compensated Stereo Line out with Level control; Stereo headphones/speaker 4-16 ohms;
  • MIDI footcontrol function: MIDI presets 1 thru 10 are executed with channel switching;
  • dimension & weight: 48 x 4,4 x 26 cm, 4 kg;

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