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This ain't yo mama's Superdelay, no sireee! The Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay is the result of a collaboration between Empress and us here at PGS to bring you an incredible delay pedal. The Vintage Modified Superdelay is finished in stunning black with gold script writing and labeling just to make your friends jealous. That's not the only change though. We've had the Tape mode refined to give a more vintage feel to the repeats. When you're in Tape mode there are 3 different types; Basic, Vintage, and Old. We left the Basic mode alone but had Empress modify the Vintage and Old modes. In the Vintage Mode (remember, these are all under the Tape setting) we've added extra modulation for a rich, full sounding repeat with full frequency response. In the Old Mode we've kept the same modulation but rolled off the high end by 15% and added some grit to emulate a tape delay with worn heads, old tape, and a bit of flutter. Both these new settings sound true to the tape delay legacy and give the Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay more versatility than before. There are no other mods to the original Superdelay circuit.

The Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay is one step closer to perfection. Besides the already beautiful delays that are available from this awesome pedal, the new modifications will tease and please the ears of all tape delay fans. The Vintage setting now has some added modulation that makes the repeats lush and full with a bit of warble ala Gilmour. The Old mode has had the high end rolled off a bit with the same modulation and some grit added to produce worn heads and dirty tape on your tape delay. The effect is startling, warm fuzzy repeats with enough modulation to give the impression of tape flutter from an old poorly maintained machine. The new Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay still has all the rest of the features and great sounding delays as the original with a new paint job and a little added appeal to the tape and vintage delay fans.

Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay Features:

  • Increased Modulation in Tape Modes-Vintage and Old
  • Old setting has Highs Rolled Off 15% and Added Grit
  • Tap Tempo
  • All the Same Features as the Original
  • 9-12vdc Positive Tip 300ma Power Consumption
  • Power Supply Included


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