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OTTAWA — July 26, 2011 — When it comes to compressors, guitarists have been  coddled, cosseted, and patronized. They've been told that real compressors are too complicated, that three knobs are enough. Well, the folks at Empress Effects know that just ain't true.

Enter the Empress Compressor! Finally, a compressor pedal with all the controls needed to truly take advantage of this extremely useful effect. Thanks to its wide range of controls and transparent compression characteristics, the Empress Compressor is the do-all answer for any guitarist.

Attack and release controls give you precise control over the compression characteristics of your guitar signal. Super fast attack times (down to 50 microseconds) allow for 1176-like compression that has been unavailable in a pedal until now. The mix knob lets you blend wet (compressed) and dry signals in parallel, allowing for transparent dynamic control.

A gain reduction meter helps set the compressor to function optimally. Also available is input metering and “both” which overlaps the input and gain reduction meters. With 3 available compression ratios (2:1, 4:1 and 10:1) there is a huge range of sounds available.

They’ve also added a sidechain, which allows for adjustment of the signal going to the compression circuit or for keying. Not limited to the guitar, this compressor works great on bass, keys or even vocals!

Empress Effects

Compression is a tool used on pretty much every recording you will ever hear, yet this extremely useful and versatile tool is often overlooked by guitar players as part of their rig.

Other compressor pedals are often limited by oversimplified controls and heavily colored sounds. We have created a truly transparent compressor, complete with all the controls found in the studio. The result is a tool that allows for a wide range of sounds from subtly adding sustain to getting the “quack” that country players love.

We’ve also included a mix knob to blend in the dry signal for an even more transparent sound and a gain reduction meter so you know what the compressor is doing at all times.

Features & Specifications

  • All Analog Signal Path - no digitals in here!
  • Extremely Transparent - Add dynamic control without altering the original tone of your instrument
  • 3 Compression Ratios - 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 ratios offer lots of flexibility
  • Attack and Release Control - allows for ultimate control over the compression characteristics
  • Mix - Blend uncompressed signal in with the compressed signal for parallel compression, New York Style!
  • Metering - Meter either gain reduction, input, or both.
  • True Display LEDs - Bright multi-color LEDs always let you know what the Compressor is doing.
  • Bass - Works great on bass!
  • True Bypass - The Empress Compressor employs true bypass, so you can be sure that it's not affecting the signal when disengaged.
  • Small Size - The enclosure measures approximately 4.5" by 3.5" by 1.5", which is delightfully small when considering all the features packed into this unit.
  • Beautiful Case - It has a sparkle you can't deny!


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