Emma LY-1 LeyENda



The Leyenda is a bit of a scitzoid. Keeping the gain low, gives you a full bodied blues amp style chrunch. But turning it up, it suddently transforms into a AC/DC like rock cut through distortion. It is as if it changes personallity.

We were a bit surprised by this sideeffect, but chose to keep it for one simple reason: It sounds awesome! So it's sort of a two-in-one kind of a beast.

It will work really well for blues rock guitarplayers, that likes to push through a mix or live, beating chords, or for straight up blues. It comes with both high and low pots, making it possible to shape ones sound perfectly.

No matter i you play SG's, Strats, Tele's or Les Pauls, this is a dynamic sidekick, that makes your notes stand out.

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