Emma DB-1 DiscumBOBulator - Envelope Filter


  • Sensitivity
    sets at which input level the filter responds.
  • Up/Down
    sets the direction of the filter sweep; upwards or downwards.
  • Width
    sets how far the filter sweeps in response to changes in input volume.
  • Attack
    sets the attack speed of the filter envelope.
    emma discombobulator



Is what is commonly referred to as an "auto wah" or envelope filter. This pedal was designed to react precisely to even the fastest of playing, while still being able to deal with strong signals such as chords.

In addition, the Discumbobulator will retain the full spectrum of tone present in the original signal without the volume peaks and dips common to other filters. It's multiple controls (Sensitivity, Up/ Down, Width and Attack) allow precise adjustment to the responsivness and degree of the effect, while it's proprietary circuitry allows the Discumbobulator to be used for guitar, bass, or keyboards with equal effectiveness and dead-on tracking.

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