Emanating Fist Electronics DP-01 Frequency Sustainer



Emanating Fist Electronics

Dig it! The D*A*M produced Emanating Fist Electronics DP-01.

Several circuit variants:

  • Circuit variant '77:
    The '77 is the original Dope Priest configuration, the standard if you will, the continuation of the 2005 D*A*M white box Ram Head. The midrange presence is strong and clear with a tight low end and outstanding projection in the upper registers. Unlike the three other DP-01 circuit types the tone control of the '77 delivers boosted and increased midrange content as it is swung from full bass to high treble. The fuzz tone is articulate and dynamic with a fast crunchy attack. The gain levels are ample and intense but not excessive or overly saturated. The '77 circuit is assembled with gain selected BC549C silicon transistors and features a high brightness green LED lens.

  • Circuit variant Sovtek #7:
    Particularity tailored upon several choice Black Russian 7D Big Muff's but generally speaking DP-01 #7 is a broad snap shot of certain choice features from the Sovtek era Big Muffs. #7 is the most ample of the DP-01 types in low frequency response and the most refined in gain structure. The lows are dark and stout with a very apparent midrange scoop. The high-end is healthy but not brittle or weak that still preserves an adequate backbone and musical artifacts even at higher treble settings. #7 is the only DP-01 to feature a logarithmic taper on the level control. This is an important feature for the Russian circuit as it adds a great deal of control over tuning tonal shapes and adds smoothness to the distortion at lower volume settings. #7 is an ideal fuzz tone for bass instruments and players requiring extended response in the lower registers. #7 features four gain selected BC547B silicon transistors and sports a high brightness red LED.

  • Circuit variant 6618 ('72 Triangle):
    Based upon a 1972 triangle Big Muff circuit. The 6618 offers the highest gain of the three DP-01 types delivering intense distortion tones with a rich open low end and bright searing treble. The tone control gently scoops out the mids as the control is swung from full bass (right) to full treble (left) offering many shades of musical distortion. The 6618 is the most evenly balanced tonally of the three offering a broad spectrum of fuzz and distortion with distinctly aged flavour. The 6618 features a quad of gain matched BC337-16 silicon transistors and features a high bright yellow LED.

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