Emagic EVOC20 20 Band Vocoder



The EVOC20 package provides Logic users with three powerful tools for sound design: A classic polyphonic vocoder with built-in synthesizer, a formant filter bank, and a pitch tracking vocoder. Each plug-in provides maximum flexibility and features pristine 32 Bit sound quality.

EVOC20 PS - Polyphonic Synthesizer
The EVOC 20 PS combines a vocoder with a polyphonic synthesizer, playable in realtime. Each of its 16 voices features two oscillators with 50 special waveforms, FM capabilities and colored noise. This synthesis signal can be articulated by any input signal, giving you classic sounds like talking robots, singing strings, percussive choirs and more. Up to 20 filter bands can be used for the articulation process. The Unvoiced/Voiced Detector increases speech audibility. Adjust how fast the EVOC20 PS reacts to sound changes in the analysis signal, or capture the harmonic content of the analysis signal with the Freeze function. Formants can be spread, moved or modulated by the syncable LFO for subtle or extreme sonic transformations. Finally, the Ensemble effect provides that familiar warm, swirling sound.

EVOC20 TO - Tracking Oscillator
The EVOC 20 TO architecture is similar to that of the EVOC020 PS: up to 20 filter bands, modulatable formants, controllable filter resonance for sharp or soft vocoder sounds, Freeze, adjustable reaction times and the U/V Detection circuit. But the EVOC 20 TO differs fundamentally from the polyphonic vocoder in its use of an audio track, or the monophonic pitch tracking oscillator, for the synthesis signal. The pitch tracking oscillator follows the pitch of the analytic signal with great accuracy. The oscillator's waveform can be switched between sawtooth and 2 oscillator FM. To provide you with interesting effects in conjunction with the input signal, pitch tracking can be limited to any musical scale. Ultra-surprising sounds result when polyphonic input signals or drums are used with the EVOC20 TO.

EVOC20 FB - Filter Bank
Lovers of analogue filter banks will be thrilled with this plug-in. The EVOC20 FB offers the core of every vocoder, with two distinct, fully adjustable filter banks (A/B). The input signal runs through both filter banks in parallel. Each provides up to 20 filter bands, which can be blended manually or via a syncable LFO. Each discrete filter band features independent level controls with the option to dampen frequencies up to 100%, enabling precise and drastic sound sculpting. Additional filter resonance, adjustable filter slopes, and optional distortion ensures an expansive range of tone colorings. A second LFO, syncable to song tempo, facilitates the modulation of formants through the movement of filter bands. Formant movements can also be manually achieved. As with the two vocoders, stereo spread can be precisely tuned, affording enhanced width to processed signals.

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