El Rey Effects The Mystic / Ouija Fuzz


  • Yes
  • Mystic
  • No
  • clipping (toggle)


El Rey Effects

Does your guitar tone need some help from beyond the grave?

Summon the ancient fuzz spirits to help you on your quest with THE MYSTIC pedal from El Rey Effects.

With Ouija board inspired graphics and the supernatural living in the capacitors, this versatile fuzz pedal can give you everything from mild overdriven tones to heavy desert rock distortion.

Controls are as follows:

  • YES (far left) - This is your fuzz control.
  • Mystic (center) - Tone control
  • NO (far right) - Overall volume
  • Clipping switch (by the moon) - the switch lets you change the color of the clipping and really makes this little pedal change its style with a flip of the switch.

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