El Musico Loco La Rosa 1VOD


El Musico Loco

  • End the search for what is missing in your tone
  • A 12AX7 valve pre-amp pedal
  • Real hi-voltage valve tone from +12Vdc
  • Drive your amp crazy
  • A simple, one valve pre-amp
  • Beautifully crafted and named after Rose who inspired it's shape and sound:
    • (Nice curves, velvet tone, great nipple)
    • It is hot, spicy & creamy, just like the real thing
  • Clean boost to mild overdrive
  • Boost the input channel of a tube amp to provide a rich, thick tone from a 12AX7
  • Unconventional styling
  • Uses a +12Vdc walwart
  • Can be used with guitar, bass or harmonica.
  • Custom PedalEnclosure

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