El Musico Loco Honky Dong [MFBO] - M(os)F(et)BO(ooster)


El Musico Loco

The Honky Dong is a simple yet versatile pedal that gives a fat transparent boost driving the input of your amp from a sparkling clean boost to a singing overdrive.

The Honky Dong is a mosfet-based booster hand-made & ear tuned using quality parts and mil-spec soldering technique.


    True bypass, Vishay caps, Alpha pots, Neutrik jacks


  • Stiffy: Is your gain.Use it to drive your amps' clean channel from a slight glittering boost to a fat, creamy crunch. Use it to add punch and bring your up solos.
  • Input jack/On Switch: Turns on the battery. Be sure to unplug it to turn off the pedal when not in use.
  • Output Jack: Out to amp or next pedal.


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