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El Musico Loco FX

The Blisterlily is an op-amp based overdrive pedal. What you get is a solid pedal which to build tone around. You can use it as a dirty boost to bring out leads or push up the gain to take advantage of the tube screamer-ish technology around which it is built. The drive function allows you to fine tune the amount of push coming from any array of pedals you put before it. With the socketed the op-amp so you can change the TL072 for any other suitable dual op amp or you can opt for the stacked single op amp array (write for info) like that I made for Prisco Priscus from the Spain's MClan.

Prisco wanted two Blisterlily's, one with 4558's and one loaded with two 5534 single op amps to give a smoother, less aggressive overdrive. He is using them in various configurations with a Dinky Dong Booster, and Fulltone Fuzz among the pedals on his board. The versatility of the Blisterlily allows it to blend into your existing tone as a tool to refine or define any aspect of your tone.

After a large amount of testing I have started using TL072 opamps for the Blisterlily.  To my ears it just has a bit more sauce. It is easy to test different op amps in the circuit. If you want to try most any dual op amp will work but note the chip direction and only mess with this if you know what you are doing please.


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