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With a myriad of fuzz face clones drowning the market, few companies have stepped up to the plate and brought something new to the market. Just read the YAFF (yet another fuzz face) article by Jack Orman, it says it all. Its time for a new product. A fresh look at guitar effect pedals. Elite Tone has answered the call and spent tons of research and development dollars and time to bring to you the FUZZ MONSTER. It's so unique it's patent pending! The Fuzz Monster is fully loaded pedal with 4 fuzz pedals in 1 box and 11 total tonal combinations. The first challenge is packing the pedal with the complete Fuzz Face family tree, with tons of features and vintage parts for the authentic experience and some fresh custom tones, unapproached before. It starts with the first stage of the circuit with vintage germanium transistors and four control knobs fuzz, volume, contour and front mount bias knob. Then there's a footswitch enabled Jimi Hendrix modification button, dialing in the mod that was not commercial available back in Jimi’s time that his tech rewired into his fuzz face on the first two albums. We've got the "Are You Experienced" album tone nailed. As in this stage of the circuit you have a flip switch enabled hybrid mode that adds a silicon transistor to the second transistor, adding gain, grit and sustain. Now we move on to the second stage, another footswitch this time enabling the silicon mode with that early 1970’s sound. Also its important to note that you can double them together or use them individually. In addition the silicon stage includes a separate 2 knob dial setting for its own volume and fuzz. I personally like using one stage as a preset with higher settings.


  • Vintage old stock germanium transistors
  • 11 total tones in 1 box!!!
  • Register patent pending with the us patent and trade office.
  • True by-pass
  • computer grade green solder mask PCB board
  • LED Indicators on all footswitches, so you know what territory you're in
  • 2 vintage type batteries included
  • all handmade with audited parts and tuning by ear

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