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Elite Tone press release (July 27, 2008)

In a world with just single use guitar effect pedals, not much new evolution has taken place. Its time a company takes a fresh look at the world’s favorite overdrive pedal, the Tube Screamer. From small bands to concert headliners a massive amount of guitarists have utilized the Ibanez Tube Screamer, in the quest for ultimate tone. Such pro’s as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tony Iommi of black sabbath, Trey Anastasio of Phish and countless overs have utliized this pedal to get thier amps to that ideal "sweet spot". However after 30 years in production little has changed, so companies began cutting corners with cheaper parts and out sourced factory production labor. As a result the sound suffered and many musicians in the know are forced to pay top dollar for vintage tube screamers. I’ve seen TS-808’s on ebay go for $800+ for one function. These usually are on the edge of the pedals expiration date, with dust, scratchy knobs and failing noisy capacitors.

In light of that Elite Tone has just released the PATENT PENDING Fusion Drive. Encompassing all noteable historic Tube Screamer pedals in a nice neat package. "Its time to pull out all the stops". With many futuristic PATENT PENDING NEW features, its tricked out to the extreme.

The functions and specs are as follows:

  • Fully loaded with the complete historic Tube Screamer family tree.
  • Allows you to seamlessly transition from TS-808 to the TS-9 with one stomp.
  • Features the new boost switch to kick up the volume and sustain.
  • Causes asymetrical tube like clipping with another stomp, in fact boosting (not limiting and returning to regular output) the headroom by 3x, perfect for solo's that cut through the mix.
  • Adjust the top toggle switch to classic TS tone shaping settings or dial a fresh sound. Flip the toggle switch below it and you’re in TS-10 territory.
  • Authentic parts all around including the JRC4558D IC chip, 1% resistors, Panasonic capacitors (the finest in the industry, also dramatically reduces ambient noise from the signal with no overall tone change unlike the originals).
  • Computer quality green solder masked pcb board.
  • 4 LEDS (2 single function, 1 dual), so you always know what mode you’re in.
  • Instructions and box with free vintage type 9v battery included.

I hope that many people get to experience this pedal and my price reflects that. You could spend $800+ collecting originals or just buy this pedal.

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