Elite Tone Fillmore Thunder


  • Bias
  • Fuzz
  • Gain
  • Vol
  • BC108 Fuzz (footswitch)
  • Clean Octave (footswitch)


Elite Tone

Highlighting the Jimi Hendrix tone - off of the "Live at the Fillmore East" album. And "The band of Gypsy's era the pedal achieves Octave tones from his first album to his last. This dual pedal includes a classic BC-108 silicon transistor Fuzz Face style distortion pedal, with four controls for the Fuzz and a custom Octave stage. The octave circuit is fully autonomous from the fuzz and housed into the second pedal stage signal. That's right 2 pedals in 1 box. The exclusive secret Jimi Hendrix modification is applied in this circuit. The Fuzz as achieves custom and stock late 60's- early 70's fuzz tones. The Fillmore stands out with its unique ability function silently with Wah-wah's in tandem and no unwanted oscillations or noise. This dual custom guitar effect pedal is different than any other fuzz or octave pedal on the market.

The second stage is a unique warm prominent clean octave-up sound that is different from the Octavia, but sounds the way people would like it too : ). The quality of the octave up is of higher quality then most if not all Hendrix Octave pedals. Smooth articulating octave notes even works with chords! Use up and down the entire neck! Featuring two fully independent pedals in one box. The Fillmore Thunder is a must have for any true Jimi Hendrix fan.

  • Two Pedals in one box! Use independent of each other or double up!
  • True-bypass
  • Vintage Matched Authentic BC108 transistor's. From the same tooling dye as the original silicon fuzz face, just like Jimi Hendrix! Many transistor's in Fuzz Face clone's claim to use the real vintage components, the truth is that many imposture's are serial code's for completely different transistor devices and of poor quality!
  • Fully independent clean octave pedal for combined or individual use.
  • All handmade analog construction.
  • Auto-graphed & dated by builder.
  • Product box and detailed instruction manual and documented history statement included
  • Dimensions 4.5 x 3.0 inches.

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