Elite Tone


    Elite Tone pedals is the company of David Nelson from Minnesota, USA.

    Timeline (by David Nelson)

    • June 2002: Built my first pedal
    • July 2002: Learning that a market existed for handmade effects at my local guitar shop. I would bring my pedals to each guitar lesson, ask for feedback and tweak the design a bit by the following lesson.
    • September 2002: Sold my first pedal.
    • June 2008: Launched the Elite Tone brand in . Also filed Elite Tone as a LLC business entity.
    • July 2008: Release of the Fuzz Monster, Fusion Drive and Octane Boost pedals.
    • September 2008: First patent
    • July 2009: Release of the Smooth Boost
    • October 2009: Release of the Fillmore Thunder
    • May 2010: the Fillmore Thunder appeared in a Premier guitar magazine web exclusive review article receiving a perfect 5/5 rating.
    • September 2010: 2nd patent filed.
    • December 2010: The Fillmore Thunder, appeared on Premier Guitar Magazine's annual awards issue cover, along with an appearance in the list of award winning gear.

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