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To innovate and extend the possibility of expression eleven electrix introduces Human Sensor Wah. A new type of sensor which can be used to sense the presence of the human aura, detects the foot position. This way no mechanical contact is nedeed in order to move the filter allowing for more precise and fast operations.

Thanks to this system the effect variation, not depending on a potentiometer anymore, results wider and most of all it's not subject to failure of mechanical and wearable parts anymore.Particular care has been dedicated to the two switchable circuits technology, MODERN & VINTAGE, using very low noise special transistors and hand-winded coils with the same parameters of the vintage effects.

This choice allows to obtain a coil's core magnetic saturation that exalts the even harmonics,keeping the odd harmonics constant. An other important feature is the possibility to drive any kind of effect or amplifier with no loss of signal or change in the effect variation. Furthermore, the innovative inner power supply circuit system provides a very wide dynamic without distortion.

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