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Dedicated to the ones who love the immediate sound!

Vintage enough to turn out nearly classic, modern enough for the employed technology, simple for the reduced controls to the limit necessary, effective for the impressive sound impact, Eleven Electrix FUZZSTORE transports the sound of the electric guitar to '70. The distortion, two types already regulated for you inside, is directed and the sound arrives straight to your face. Coupled with a combo classic tube amplifier it becomes the sound garage for excellence.

Originally produced components have been researched in order to maintain fidelity to the Punk and the Disco Music decade sound: from the carbon composition right tolerance resistors to the right dielectric polyester condensers, until the 741 operational amplifier, very useful in the electronic circuits of the period. The input circuit has been realized with particular care so you can regulate the distortion with the guitar's volume knob in order to get the sound's power in your hands.

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