Elephant Stomp Boxes DH-808 K


Elephant Stomp Boxes

The DH-808 is a Great Version of Everyone’s Favorite Tube Screamer plus Keeley Mods plus a Choice of Clipping Diodes.

This is more than a just a great, hand-wired, precise, True-Bypass, Tube Screamer copy with better parts, True Bypass and the Keeley mods for better low-end response. It uses the famous JRC4558D chip in a socket so you can try others if you like. You can switch between a pair of silicon diodes and a pair of LEDs for a different distortion sound. You can also bypass all the clipping diodes and use the pedal as a boost.

This pedal has a heavy duty foot switch, true bypass, 1% resistors, a green LED and is completely hand wired. It runs on a 9 volt battery or a standard Boss power supply.

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