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If you are running a pedal board with all true bypass pedals, you probably need a buffer somewhere in the circuit to bring your signal back to its full tone. If you are using a classic wah pedal into a fuzz, you definitely need a buffer between them. FoxRox sells one you can mount inside your wah. If you don’t want to modify your wah, you can use this between the two pedals instead.

I found that I was getting a much duller sound out of my guitar through the board than when I plugged straight into my amp. I was also getting unusual volume boosts out of pedals that weren’t supposed to boost the volume like my analog delay. When I put this buffer pedal after my fuzz and before the delay in my signal chain, the unwanted volume boost and dull sound problems went away.

There is a volume/trim pot on the outside to make it easy to adjust. If you place it before a fuzz you will probably want to trim the signal back a bit. It has a true bypass switch which is only going to be used to A/B the volume. You will want to leave this pedal on all the time. There is no room for a battery in this little box, so it requires a power supply leg.

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