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Hurricane Silicon Fuzz is entirely a handmade unit. They have been made with special care and tested individually.

Its principal features are:

  • True Bypass
  • Input & Output Buffer
  • Protected Boss PSA Style DC Input
  • Neutrik jacks

Usually, fuzz units have a very low impedance input, it's due to the topology of the circuit that is conceived as a feedback current amplifier. In order to get the 'fuzz sound' this circuit have to be connected to an high output impedance source as a guitar. This fact bind the fuzz unit to assume the first place in the effect chain. But, if we need to 'charge' a fuzz with (for example) a preamplified bass we will lose the 'fuzz sound'. To avoid it, this unit is equipped with an impedance adaptor as input, this feature lets you conect what you want to the fuzz input and to place it everywhere in the effect chain without a 'fuzzeless' sound.

This unit is also equipped with a true bypass system. It means that the unit is completely taken of the chain when you want, this fact save the input sound to be loaded by the unit.

Unit Anatomy:

  • Volume Knob: Adjust the level of the unit, rotating in clockwise increase volume.
  • Gain Knob: Rotating in clockwise increases the amount of effect on the input signal, rotating in counterclockwise reduces the effect.
  • Output jack: Neutrik jack. Connect this output to the next element on the effect chain or to the amplifier via 0.25'' jack.
  • Input jack: Neutrik jack. Connect this output to the previous element on the effect chain or to the guitar or guitar preamp via 0.25'' jack.
  • Foot Switch: kick on it to get the 'fuzz sound', come back to kick to bypass the effect.
  • DC Input: protetected Boss PSA Style DC Input.


  • Put the vol knob as you want and the gain knob at minimun and kick on the foot switch, you can heard a more sustained and compressed sound. Play with the guitar volume to increase or decrease this effect.
  • To get fuzz tones increase the gain knob, you will note an emphasizing on the low frequencies and an higher sustain, play with your guitar volume and with the gain knob to get your sound.


  • Input Level: -20dBu
  • Output Level (vol knob in middle): -12dBu
  • Input Impedance: 14Kohm
  • Output Impedance: 30 ohm
  • Current Draw: 1.7 mA

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