Elektronika EM 26 Vocoder

LFOAccentcontrols how the LFO influences the volume.
Pitch Modcontrols how much the LFO influences the pitch
Ratecontrols the speed of the LFO
Vocoder FXChorus On/Offactivates a chorus effect
Slow/Fastcontrols the speed of the chorus effect
Level Direct Mic
StringsOn/Offactivates the string sounds
Level Directcontrols the level of the string sounds
Level Octave
Releasecontrols the release time of the strings
LevelCarrier Mic./Input Acontrols the level of the carrier signal or the microphone.
Input C modulationcontrols the level of input C
Octave (On/Off)
Master Volumecontrols the master volume
Pitch Bendcontrols the pitch

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