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The LocoVoxMangler is an effect pedal aimed for vocalists in search of experimenting with their voices, capable of giving gritty and heavily filtered tones (Megaphone, Am Radio, Lo Fi, etc.), akin to the voice effects used by such artists as Mike Patton and Maynard James Keenan.

Features 6 controls: Blend (for mixing the effected voice with the clean signal), Gate (for keeping feedback away when using heavy voice distortion), Gain (the amount of distortion), Frequency (frecuency Cutoff in the High Pass filter) and Q (amount of resonance of the filter). Also it features a toggle switch for alternating between mild and heavy distortion.

It comes in a sturdy aluminium box and is True Bypass. Audio Jack/Canon IN/OUT options are available.  You can also use it on guitar, bass and drum sequences, specially if you want lo-fi sounds or heavily filtered fuzz tones!

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