ElectroniX Submarine Designer - Bass Preamp with UltraBass



We call it the little sparkling thing and for good reasons.

As the name suggests, Submarine Designer is built based on one of our best selling pedals, the Submarine. If you set all the toggles to “SUB” position, the core of the sound would be identical to the regular Submarine. While Submarine is versatile enough for most bassists, some of us need more control over pedals to get “exactly” what we want and we also know about the shortcomings of further EQ adjustments (overlapping frequencies, less-than accurate curve representation, etc). If you are not scared of knobs and switches, and you never get tired of trying out new sounds; then Submarine Designer is the ideal tone shaping preamp for you.

Start with all toggles at “SUB” position, tone control set to middle and body control points the star. That is your reference tone. Adjust the rest by using very informative captions, such as 250 Hz dip or 600 Hz boost. Do you want to overdrive your old school all tube preamp? Easy! Just set it to boost mod. Do you want 100% flat signal and just want additional volume boost with some warm/vintage vibe? Just set everything but the left bottom switch to “SUB” position. You want you bass to sound like an ice pick? You want your horns to sizzle? Just rotate tone control clock-wise. There more more than several dozens of combination available if you can make use of all the switches and knobs.

Just like Submarine, Submarine Designer is also designed to be a tone shaping preamp. That doesn't mean you can't use it to properly drive a poweramp, because it is capable of more than fair amount of clean boost. It will never be distorted when the volume is cranked (and boost toggle at “SUB” position), even if you use very high output active bass guitars. If you are a recording musician, you will enjoy the tones you can get out of Submarine Designer as well, sitting right in the mix with minimal post-processing.

The addition of UltraBASS switch, the user would be able boost the bass and sub-bass frequencies regardless of the tone control position. Our collaboration with Kreuzer Electronics allowed us to build the best Submarine of all times.


  • Professional Bass Preamp Pedal
  • Volume, Tone and Body Controls
  • Frequency manipulation toggles
  • Boost toggle
  • UltraBass Toggle (boosts the bass and sub-bass frequencies up a couple of notches)
  • Takes a 9VDC stompbox power supply (No battery operation)
  • Reliable and sturdy full metal construction
  • Heavy duty true bypass switch
  • Exclusive ultra bright low current blue status LED
  • 1/4″ female output, 1/4″ female input jack (Input jack DOES NOT act as an on-off switch)

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