ElectroniX Stronghold - Acoustic Preamp


  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Rhythm / Solo (toggle)



The biggest problem that acoustic guitar players encounter is their guitars do not sound as sweet and open when they try to amplify the signal without a good condenser microphone and a high-end studio preamp. This is sometimes described as not being “woody” or “airy.” When designing Stronghold, our primary goal was to address this issue. The results exceeded our expectations.

That being said, Stronghold is not a glorified EQ, tone shaping is just a part of what it does. It's a professional preamp that can drive a PA easily. It can be used in conjunction with other type of effects pedals. It is a very useful tool when you go direct to a mixing console, both on the stage and in the studio. It successfully eliminates feedback issues associated with stage volume.

You can say good bye to the buried-in-the-mix level and weak tone; welcome back the full and rich acoustic sound.


  • Acoustic guitar preamp pedal
  • Volume and tone (bass boost to treble boost) controls
  • Two modes: Solo and rhythm
  • Takes a 9V Battery (included) or a 9VDC stompbox power supply
  • Reliable and sturdy full metal construction finished
  • Heavy duty true bypass switch
  • Exclusive low current ultra bright blue status LED
  • 1/4″ female output, 1/4″ female input jack (Input jack acts as an on-off switch for the battery)

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