ElectroniX StarBlaster III - Adjustable Treble Booster



The third reincarnation of the original booster pedal only adds to the performance of its predecessors. StarBlaster III has everything you want from a treble booster and more. It is based on that infamous booster of all times, however it is not just another copy. We basically redesigned the bias points and re-adjusted the voltages, in order to make it a better fit to the modern guitarist and her/his high expectations.

We pushed the game one step forward with StarBlaster III, because we made it possible to adjust the corner frequency of the treble boost by the end user. You find the standard 2.2 Khz a little thicker for you? Just drop it to 4 Khz. You are playing with bridge position single coil and need a little push to low-mid harmonics? Set the corner to 480 Hz. You want to boost the whole signal and overdrive your amp, but still want your signal to be articulate? Set it up to be at 125 Hz! The term versatile really goes hand in hand with StarBlaster III. Unity gain occurs around 9 o'clock, so you have plenty of boost left to drive the over out of your preamp or guitar amp.

You will be hard-pressed to find a more adjustable treble booster, which manages to stay pure. There are no tone controls that would steal from your signal or other gimmicks; what you see is exactly what you get.


  • Electric guitar treble booster Pedal
  • Boost Control
  • Frequency selector toggles
  • Takes a 9V Battery (included) or a 9VDC stompbox power supply
  • Reliable and sturdy full metal construction
  • Heavy duty true bypass switch
  • Exclusive low current ultra bright blue status led
  • 1/4″ female output, 1/4″ female input jack (Input jack acts as a on-off switch for the battery)

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