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MessDrive is designed for bass guitars, it is not just another fuzz pedal modified to be used with a bass. A well-known problem about those, when the pedal is engaged, the sound becomes thinner as it is coming from a broken guitar amp. Our main goal was to prevent this and make the bass sound like how it should: A bass fuzz pedal that doesn't kill the low end, in fact adds fat bottoms.

Thanks to the input transformer*, it works equally well with both active and passive instruments. The sound is very organic, yet synth-ish at the same time. It takes the character of the bass used and “fuzzifies” it. That means, it doesn't sound the same regardless of the bass used, in fact, let the qualities of the particular bass shines through.

Heavy setting is more of a medium gain fuzz, while Mild setting sounds more tamed with the hints of gated fuzz, varying by the strength of the input signal. This new edition of MessDrive has a slightly updated tone control section, which allows you to cut the access treble without turning the tone into mud.


  • Professional Bass Fuzz Effects Pedal
  • Volume and tone controls along with the Heavy/Mild switch
  • Input transformer allows it to be compatible with both active and passive basses
  • Takes a 9V Battery (included) or a 9Vdc stompbox power supply
  • Reliable and sturdy full metal construction
  • Exclusive ultra bright low current blue status LED
  • Heavy duty true bypass switch
  • 1/4″ female output, 1/4″ female input jack (Input jack acts as a on-off switch for the battery)

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