ElectroniX GeminiDrive - Bass Overdrive



The wait is over! Now you can enjoy one of the the most versatile and unique bass overdrive that has ever been made!

One of the unique features of this pedal is that it has two independent channels with dedicated volume controls. Both clean-boost and overdrive channels are designed to compliment each other. This can be described as an advanced blending arrangement, eliminating some known drawbacks (such as layered effect, versatility). That means, you can mix any amount of boosted clean signal by the overdriven signal OR you can use it either as a boost pedal only or an overdrive pedal only (Gemini switch -the center one- should be off) by turning off the other channels channel's volume.

Gemini Mode: When Gemini Mode is active, it attenuates the muddy bass frequencies of the overdrive channel while changing the clipping frequencies to achieve a rounder/crispier sound. It also rolls off some treble from clean channel; making it the perfect mix of good and evil, ergo the pedal is called GeminiDrive! This mode sits well in a mix without being mushy and overpowering as well as preserving your attack. When Gemini mode is turned off, both channels are unfiltered. Overdrive channel sounds more explosive - almost fuzz-like - while clean channel gives you a big boosted clean signal. At either position of Gemini switch, gain and tone controls only affect the overdrive channel.

Texture Mode: It alters the way the signal clips to produce overdrive. When it is turned off, the clipping occurs at a lower threshold and the overdrive tone is more saturated and compressed. When it is turned on (down position); the very end of the signal is clipped, giving a more natural, less saturated and louder overdrive.

Sonor Mode: The best way to describe what this mode accomplishes is to think of it as a booster pedal placed before the GeminiDrive. Please do not confuse it with the clean-boost channel; what we are talking about is using a dedicated booster pedal to achieve more resonant and deep overdrive; not a paralleled clean channel. When the Sonor switch is set to on position; the gain of the overdrive reaches distortion territory with biting overtones while the headroom of the clean-boost channel increases dramatically; the same effect as signal boosting prior to clipping.

Now combine all of these switches with gain control (slight dirt to full on overdrive) and the tone control (treble filter). You will know why GeminiDrive challenges to be the most versatile bass overdrive pedal available today!


  • Bass Overdrive Effects Pedal (with clean-boost channel)
  • Dedicated volume controls for each channel as well as tone and gain controls for overdrive channel
  • Gemini mode - two blending options that affects both channels
  • Texture and Sonor toggles for unmatched versatility
  • Takes 9VDc center negative standard pedal power supply (no battery operation)
  • Reliable and sturdy full metal construction
  • Heavy duty true bypass switch
  • Exclusive low current ultra bright blue status led
  • 1/4″ female output, 1/4″ female input jack (Input jack does not act as an on-off switch, since it doesn't take a battery)

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