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Electronic Audio Experiments

Named for its cascading stages of FET mu amps, the µ Blaster serves to do one thing - slam the input of an amplifier. By converting an incoming 9V power supply to about 27V, this boost/overdrive offers far more headroom than other comparable pedals. The end result is a pedal which has a character of its own, but operates like an extension of your amp. 


  • Volume - self-explanatory, can deliver a massive output. Use judiciously, as high levels can damage certain input stages!
  • Boost - adds additional saturation and presence. Counterclockwise is clean and relatively dark, while clockwise is brighter and moderately driven. 
  • Filter - simple low-pass filter at the output. Useful for taming harmonic content from high Boost settings. 
  • Depth - active bass control. Lower settings produce Rangemaster-like tones with lots of chime, while higher settings allow a huge amount of bass through. At max depth and boost settings, there is an additional frequency boost in the 50-100Hz range, right in the fundamental for heavier styles. 

Additional features include true bypass switching, top jacks, and a standard 9V DC center negative power jack. 

All µ Blasters come with the standard limited warranty. 


  • Version 2 (November 2016, current)
    • Layout updated for 125B enclosure
    • Depth rotary changed to depth pot for continuous rather than discrete control
    • Increased usability of filter control
  • Version 1 (Spring and Summer 2016)
    • Original release with etched enclosures

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