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Rock Tone – A hand made overdrive pedal

This pedal is actually a type of miniature guitar amp that generates an overdrive effect. You can produce a clear and warm sound with it. The control of this tool is dynamic, i.e., if you strum the guitar gently, the pedal sound will be clean, and if the strumming becomes stronger, the effect will automatically increase the amount of overdrive. To adjust the response sensitivity, simply use the GAIN button.

The pedal has a TONE button which is an exact replica of an old amps tone, and its effect is subtle (DB -3 to +3).

The sound produced by this pedal always contains a substantial amount of the original guitar sound and can accommodate up to three layers of overtones which miraculously surround the original sound of your guitar.

This pedal possesses an incredible depth of sound. Chances are you haven't run into this kind of sound outside of older recordings. With this pedal, every guitar player can create thousands of new sounds that will be completely new to him. This device will collaborate perfectly with every effect, commercial or boutique. You’ve got to hear it to believe it.

A very versatile pedal that fits all types of music, as accompaniment or solo. Developed for all types of guitars, both humbucker and single, a clean and balanced fat sound, from gentle overdrive to the distortion’s limits.

The action range of the overdrive is low-mid, British style. Reminiscent of old British amps.

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