Electro-Faustus EF101 Dual Oscillator Deluxe



The EF101 is a digital circuit in which one oscillator feeds into another in series. The interplay between the 2 can create some amazing sounds equivalent to what you may expect to hear from much higher priced units.

  • Q:  What waveform is produced?
  • A:  A square wave.
  • Q:  What is the output in Hz to KHz?
  • A:  Between 250 and 2,500 Hz, depending on the position of the Frequency knob.
  • Q:  What are the dimensions of the EF101?
  • A:  Dimensions: 5.25x3.0x2.125" (13.3x7.6x5.4cm)
  • Q:  Does the EF101 have an Input?
  • A:  There is NO input, only output. The tone is generated by a Quad NAND IC Chip (techno-babble for oscillator). The tone is then further modulated by the user via a resister/capacitor circuit (the 2 knobs).

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