Electric Monkey FX Fuzz-Machine


Electric Monkey FX

Out with the old and in with the new! Is there a difference... nope, just the name and placing of the LED. This is your change to get one cheap:)

This is a clone of the Ibanez Standard Fuzz. The Standard Fuzz was based on the Shin-Ei Super Fuzz but has a FET in the first stage to give everything a nice (and nasty... but nasty in a nice way) boost. This pedal is like a Super Fuzz but with a little twist to it.

This is a faithful clone but with some updates. It has a lot more output while the original pedal almost doesn't reach unity gain. There is now also the opportunity to blend between the two tone modes for a greater variety of sounds and it has slightly more body then the original without making it muddy. Just like in the original I used a 2SK30 FET in the front and four hand-matched 2SC828 transistors to give you this nice octave up fuzz sound. This pedal will give you an instant Black Keys sound and even leaves some space on your pedalboard;)


  • MXR sized enclosure
  • True bypass
  • Rean jacks
  • Heavy duty 3dpt footswitch
  • Alpha pots
  • Boss style 9v DC jack (negative center so you can daisy chain it)
  • NO battery conector
  • A green led (that tells you to keep playing)

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