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Electric Monkey FX

This is my version of the silicon Fuzz Face. I have tried to get a rich and warm sound out of these harsh and cold silicon transistors. The sound is now way closer to a germanium charged Fuzz Face. I have used a pair of hand picked low and medium gain NOS transistors for the right sound. With the body control you can blend the input capacitors for... well, for more body in your sound. On the inside there is an extra pot for the bias control. This pedal is great for blues or heavy stoner sound, and everything in between. With carbon composition resistors and NOS components this fuzz is loaded with mojo! I only build these every now and then and always as Ebay only starting from 1 euro.

Some reviews I had for this pedal:

  • "The best fuzz I've ever played! I own 18 fuzz but this beats them all! Thanks M"

  • "Awesome pedal!"


  • MXR sized enclosure
  • True bypass
  • Rean jacks
  • Heavy duty 3dpt footswitch
  • Alpha pots
  • Boss style 9v DC jack (negative center so you can daisy chain it)
  • NO battery conector
  • A green led (that tells you to keep playing)

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