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Electric Monkey FX

This is a clone built after my own Tall Font Big Muff. I have added a switch for the mids so you can be heard in the mix wich is a big problem with any Big Muff type. The original sound is still there with the switch in center position, on the left the mids are flat and on the right they are boosted. I compared this one with my own original Tall Font and the sound is spot on.

What else can be said about this pedal that you don't know yet... I think it is the most searched after Big Muff together with the Ramshead. And not without a reason. This model has a huge low end wich is great for bass players or guitar players looking for a huge and heavy sound.


  • MXR sized enclosure
  • True bypass
  • Rean jacks
  • Heavy duty 3dpt footswitch
  • Alpha pots
  • Boss style 9v DC jack (negative center so you can daisy chain it)
  • NO battery conector
  • A green led (that tells you to keep playing)

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