Eindhoven Amplifiers Powerdriver/Booster



This stompbox was completely designed to be used in combination with one of Eindhoven Amplifiers amazing pieces of hardware but it will sound equally awesome on many other tube amps.

Combined in this machine are a Tube Screamer (kinda like a TS-808) and a Distortion which makes this box a double whammy! First you can use the Screamer's great tone and raw but clear overdrive to get your rhythm sound to a perfect and powerful point of precission and then by using the Distortion you can use the same machine to go from big to HUGE with a lead sound that will knock your socks off.

But it's not all brawn with this box, it also has brains; because of its very good tone and easy usage it will allow you to combine your new rhythm and lead sounds with whatever you can think of. Be it a Fuzz, a Wah-Wah or a Phaser, or even something as extreme as a Harmonizer, this box will not loose tone but will in fact add its unique characteristics to your effects chain creating that which each guitar player is always looking for: A unique sound!

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