Electro-Harmonix XO Stereo Pulsar


Electro-Harmonix (2006-2008)

Creates beautiful vintage vibrato. Add motional panning with user-selectable variable wave forms. One of our very favorite new effects.


The Stereo Pulsar generates vintage tremolo and panning that will fill any venue with rhythmic stereo energy. Its Wave Form switch allows you to change the modulation from triangle to square form. The Wave Shape control allows you to control transitions from negative to positive saw tooth or adjust pulse width. This all means you can create any type of stereo tremolo from pure vintage to ones never heard before.


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3 reviews, average score of 7.83 / 10

2016-07-059.5/10  ......
2015-06-117/10  Clicky sound on engage, slightly noisy in use. Stereo split is nice is use but makes it difficult to set up in mono...
2014-06-227/10  ......

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