Electro-Harmonix XO C9 Organ Machine



The new C9 Organ Machine springboards off the revolutionary B9 to mine another rich vein of classic gold and provide players with nine more definitive organ and keyboard sounds.

The C9 will transform your instrument into a convincing full body, electric organ or vintage electronic keyboard. For each preset chosen, it also provides precise control over important elements of that sound’s sonic fingerprint like percussive click, modulation, attack/sustain, drawbar setting or high frequency content. Blend your dry signal to create beautiful layers. Lovers of classic organ and keyboard rejoice!



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3 reviews, average score of 8.17 / 10

2015-12-126/10  sold this and the b9 although they were a lot of fun. never could integrate completely into my rig for some reason. still want to try thesynth9 though. damn you, mike matthews and ehx! you just have to keep on innovating. these are probably the most interesting pedals to
2015-07-01Rock Version - C910/10  El mejor efecto que conocí hasta el momento, un gran pedal.Nada!!!
2015-05-288.5/10  convincing organ sounds...

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