Electro-Harmonix Tube Zipper - Envelope Follower



  • Resonance
    Controls the boost of the cut-off frequency.
  • Frequency
    Controls the range in which the filter moves.
  • Sensitivity
    Controls to which level of input the filter responds.
  • Master Vol.
    Controls the volume.
  • Drive
    Controls the distortion.
  • Input Gain
    Controls the input before the filter.
  • Env (up/down)
    Selects the direction of the filter sweep.
  • Mode (Tron/Trill)
    In the Tron mode the filter has a smooth sweep, in the Trill mode modulation is added.



Unzip your soul!

Just picture your guitar signal being massaged by a complex set of filters moving through a vacuum tube maze. Energized by two 12AX7EH tubes, the Tube Zipper's patented moving filter gang tastefully adds controlled analog harmonics to your signal. In typical EH fashion, each control can be set over the edge, generating a host of novel tones. Add some Tron or Trill a la mode!

"It's the most flexible little box yet." Adrian Belew


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