Electro-Harmonix Super Replay


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The Super Replay 4-Second Digital Sampler lets you record any sound and instantly repeat it either as a repeating loop, in response to hitting a drumpad sensor, or under the control of a keyboard synthesizer.

A built-in click track helps you keep time while you record, and a "sound-on-sound" mode lets you add new sounds to what is already in the memory. In the Looping Replay mode, you can blend the input with what is coming out of memory to play along with recorded sounds.

The pitch of the reproduced sound can be controlled very precisely over a two octave range, and the sound can be instantly transposed by exact semitones. By varying the Decay Time slider, you can change how fast the sound dies away, allowing for very unusual effects. Your new sounds can also be triggered by Linn drums and similar electronic drum machines.

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