Electro-Harmonix POG Polyphonic Octave Generator


  • Input
  • Dry Output
  • Sub Octave
  • +1 Octave
  • +1 Octave Detuned
  • +2 Octaves
  • +2 Octaves Detuned
  • LP Filter
  • LPF Modes 1/2/3



You can add one octave up, two octaves up, and one octave down and blend all of them together with straight-through signal. WORKS ON CHORDS. Want your guitar to sound like a 12 string? The POG can do it-or even make it sound like an 18 string. And the POG can do a lot more than that. Destined to be a legendary EH classic.



  • True bypass using a mechanical relay
  • Glitch-free fully polyphonic tracking
  • Processes any instrument or music source
  • Separate volume control for each voice
  • Detune upper octaves with their own dedicated volume controls
  • Lowpass filter with switchable resonance
  • Input gain control for optimum dynamic range
  • 18DC-500 power supply included


myFXDB user reviews

1 review, average score of 7 / 10

2015-12-127/10  incredible tracking. the original. this thing gives the guitarist the power of the bass. a power they should not ever wield, probably.couple of sliders broke off. dropped this for the pog2.

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