Electro-Harmonix Frequency Analyzer



  • Blend
    mixes the input signal with the effected signal
  • Shift
    controls the difference in frequency with the input signal
  • Fine
    same as shift, but for fine-tuning
  • Filter/On



One of the most sophisticated and unusual effects in the Electro-Harmonix line, the Frequency Analyzer, used by Devo and others, adds moving harmonies to the original note while controllable high order filters reduce cross product distortion. From tunable three-voice harmony to anarchic microtonal sounds, the Frequency Analyzer is an esoteric accessory for all instruments.


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1 review, average score of 8 / 10

2018-03-1090s large reissue8/10  A mainstay in my chain for yrs. Easy to use & great sounding ring modulator.Needs unique power supply that appears to be very difficult to find.

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EH-5000 frequency analizer analyser analiser

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