Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay



  • Infinite (old version)
  • Play (new version)
  • Record (new version)
  • Bypass

Clix (old version)

  • Rate


  • Coarse
  • Fine

Mix (new version)

  • Feedback
  • Clix Level
  • Effect Out
  • Dry Out
  • Input Gain

Mix (old version)

  • Feedback
  • Blend


  • Speed
  • Depth



We've been inundated with requests to reissue this classic. We're very happy to report that a modern version has been completely designed and we are currently implementing production planning. LIMITED PRODUCTION RUN. So book your orders now before they're gone.

NOTE: As of May 30, 2006- the 16 Second Delay is now replaced by superior 2880

Electro-Harmonix about the foot controller (2003-2008)

The 16 Second Digital Delay's optional Foot Controller allows you to "foot" switch six different functions remotely. You can turn the Sweep, Reverse and Feedback on or off, and shift the Loop up or down one octave. With identical record and play FSWs from the main unit, the Foot Controller plugs directly into the footswitch jack with a standard guitar cable.

Where to find one?

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