Ego Electronic Element Series Uranium [U]


Ego Electronic

An explosive, powerful high gain sound is a mark for a heavy metal player, No Weapon is heavier and more powerful than [U-235]! Put this weapon in your music and pedal board, not wars! [U] is a superior quality overdrive and Germany style distortion pedal, Fat, massive and powerful, if metal is your life, [U] pedal is for you!

Key feature:

  • Three pedals in a box! A main drive channel plus pre-boost and post-boost function(crank mode)
  • A unique, Extensive EQ control make your tone cut through the mix in your way easily.
  • Cranked mode beefs up the tone, just like you crank a non-master vol. Amp.
  • Use Higher voltage to tighten up the tone(9~18v)
  • 3-way switch (Focus/open/tight) function gives different  attack and response.
  • Multi-amplifier stage produces richer and fuller harmony.
  • Matched and selected high-quality components

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