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Bruce Egnater (1/1/2012)

The Overdose, which is our dual clean boost and really great overdrive in one pedal, will debut at NAMM in a few weeks.


The Overdose is a 100% pure analog, two-in-one Overdrive and Boost pedal. The Overdrive section boasts an extremely responsive tone control. The Gain and Volume knobs deliver a vast array of saturated tones. Jones allows you to accurately sculpt the critical midrange frequencies. The Jones switch selects between two mid frequencies while the Jones knob allows you to cut or boost that frequency. Egnater's signature Tight switch provides control of the essential low frequencies.

The Boost section is versatile and intuitive. Set the pedal for an ultra clean boost or dial in the perfect amount of grit. Drive tapers the amount of gain in your boost while Color shapes the overall tone. The Tight switch controls the overall low frequency response.

The Path switch selects the order of Overdrive and Boost in your chain. Patch jacks on the rear panel allow other effects to be inserted between the two pedal sections of the Overdose.

  • 100% Pure Analog Overdrive/Boost
  • Bypass: True Bypass Relay
  • Overdrive Section
    • Volume and Gain Controls
    • Tone Control with Tight Switch
      • Tone: +/-8dB @ 2KHz Passive
      • Tight: -8dB @ 110Hz 6dB/Octave Roll-Off Passive
    • Jones Control with Frequency Select Switch
      • o: +/-12dB @ 400Hz Active
      • oo: +/-12dB @ 1KHz Active
  • Boost Section
    • Level Control
    • Color Knob with Tight Switch
      • Color: +/- 9dB @ 2.5kHZ Passive
      • Tight: -6dB @ 100Hz 6dB/Octave Roll-Off Passive
    • Drive Controls Level of Gain
  • Path Switch Selects Order of the Effects
    • O > B = Overdrive Before Boost
    • B > O = Boost Before Overdrive
  • Patch In and Out Jacks Allow Other Pedals to be Inserted Between the Effects on this Pedal
  • Multi-Speed Low Battery LED Indicator

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