Egnater Holy Driver



Bruce Egnater (1/1/2012)

This one is aimed at heavy rock/metal players and features a fantastic overdrive and a footswitchable mid cut/boost section (similar to the Armageddon) in one pedal.


The Holy Driver is a 100% pure analog high-gain distortion pedal that summons everything from classic to modern metal.

The High and Low EQ knobs, coupled with Egnater's signature Tight switch, allow the Holy Driver to handle lower tunings while staying tight and defined.

The built-in gate provides essential noise reduction and can be used as an aggressive cutoff for tight rhythm playing. The Holy Driver also features a footswitchable midrange section with Depth and Level controls. This midrange feature provides complete reign over the vital mid frequencies.

The Holy Driver features a solid zinc housing designed to withstand the abuse of the road.

  • 100% Pure Analog Distortion
  • Bypass: True Bypass Relay
  • Overdrive Section
    • Volume and Level Controls
    • High and Low Tone Controls
      • Low EQ: +8dB / -10dB @ 180Hz Passive
      • High EQ: +6dB / -8dB @ 4KHz Passive
    • Tight Switch
      • -6dB @ 100Hz - 6dB/Octave Roll-Off
    • Gate with Selectable Hard or Soft Threshold
      • Soft Threshold: -46dbV
      • Hard Threshold: -36dbV
  • Midrange Section
    • Depth Range: -18dB to +15dB @ 400Hz Active
    • Level Range: -10dB to +8dB Active
  • Multi-Speed Low Battery LED Indicator

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