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The KRANKJORUM is an analog fuzz with pitch-shiftable delay pedal that gives you instant craziness and a range of sounds for hours and hours of sonic pleasure. Your guitar signal gets ripped to pieces in a full, fierce fuzz. With the Delay and Pitch knobs you can control the magic and where the Krankjorum is about; crazy pitch-shifting delay as you never heard before. It always keeps a clarity so it won't get lost in the mix during recordings or on stage.

The KRANKJORUM is available in a limited run where each pedal is uniquely customizable by you! Choose your favorite knobs and enclosure finishing in various leather or veneer (plywood) options.

Be sure to watch the live 'on-stage' youtube-video of the Effesk KRANKJORUM Guitar Effects Pedal by guitar virtuoso Wout Kemkens (Donnerwetter, Shaking Godspeed).

  • Designed and handmade with selected-by-ear parts in Arnhem, the Netherlands
  • High-quality aluminum enclosure with custom finishing (clean, painted, veneer or leather)
  • High-quality EU hardware parts (guitar jacks, DC jack, 3DPT switch, potentiometers, wiring)
  • High-quality electronics (no China) assembled on an exclusive PCB.
  • Unique / Made to order analog guitar effects pedals


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