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The SRB808 2in1 dual overdrive is actually 2 complete SRB808 twin toggle pedals in one enclosure, so you get 2 SRB808 overdrive pedals that can be used independently or used in a stacked configuration (one pedal boosting the other) to get a over the top lead sound. This is one of our top rated pedals that is based on the original vintage TS808 with our own flavor of special modifications to make an already good overdrive pedal into an ultimate overdrive pedal. This can get many overdrive/distortion sounds from Marshall, Dumble, vintage TS808 and can be used as a nice clean boost with gain down.

This pedal has two of everything: volume, tone, gain, 2 toggle switches on each side, a 3-way clipping toggle switch and a Fat boost switch.

Other features are:

  • onboard IC socket so changing IC chips is easy.
  • No buffer circuit as this is True Bypass so your tone remains intact when its off.
  • Vintage type JRC4558D or RC4558P IC chip:
    • JRC4558D - is the most vintage sounding and less compressed
    • RC4558- slightly compressed and more modern sounding
  • Gray metallic painted or plain box unpainted aluminum (Custom colors are available at an additional cost).
  • you can get the 2in1 in these enclosure sizes standard 1590DD or the smaller 1790NS
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