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The SRB808 is based on the famed vintage TS808 circuit with major refinements and improvements:

  • better clarity and note definition - slightly less mids and more bottom end fullness
  • 2 times the gain of the vintage TS808 without being harsh
  • Socketed IC chip with a installed Vintage type JRC4558D or RC4558P (your choice)
  • 3 way clipping toggle switch with 3 types of overdrive sounds as well as 3 clean boosts sounds with gain set low (Toggle switch possitions are) Up = Marshall high gain Overdrive Center = Cleanboost with gain down or Dumble OD with gain up Down = Vintage TS808 with better clarity and bass response
  • Fatboost switch that adds bootm without being muddy this is also true Bypass so your tone stays intact when the pedal is off.


  • you can order your pedal in the pictured Gray metallic or in plain box aluminum (unpainted)
  • custom colors at an additional cost
  • Vintage cream knobs
  • upgrade the 2 way fatboost to the new 3 way fatboost, this give you 3 types of sounds from bright to heavy bass.
  • Other custom clipping type mods
  • custom bass guitar mod - we can mod this for bass guitar use.

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